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michael idehall
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ant-zen. act369

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to an unbiased listener some recordings can suggest they weren't created in the regular way - their sound implies they could not possibly be made in a regular studio environment. a myriad of different places come to mind while experiencing those recordings - a cave, a crypt, a sacred place... an unsolved mystery left to the listener's imagination. michael idehall's recent full length opus 'prophecies of the storm' represents one of these uncommon mysteries which seems to originate from a different world - and which has the power to lead you right there. 'prophecies of the storm' features nine deep scorings of idehall's sinister poetical output - a crude, rough force carrying intense tempers of menace, aggression and sadness. heavy electronics pushed with striking tautologic sequences build a solid foundation for apocalyptic tunes with a subliminal song structure, resulting in the one-of-a-kind combination of death industrial and dark, structured ambiance entitled 'seancetronica'. truly a masterpiece, this album is a conveyance to starkly different, maybe even unique states of mind - hypnotic, forceful and savage. highly recommended.


1 built apart
2 one who sees all
3 bear nemisis
4 gordian knot
5 awakening
6 in the dark vapour
7 another prophet of the storm
8 an ill wind blows
9 venus death