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natura est
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ant-zen. act367

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natura est is a new remarkable collaborative project created for a love of all that is dark ambient by british electronic producer tony young (autoclav1.1) and german ebm-industrial powerhouse andreas davids (xotox) who, with decades of experience between them, have achieved great success with their respective projects. this meeting of minds have come together to explore the nature of the earth, human and animal alike with a debut album that explores the conflict that arises when these factors collide. apparitions of sound float over heavy-set foundations of deep, resonating and cavernous bass-driven drones. arcane lore clashes and ultimately melds with the modern day religion of factory and machine. purity battles with pollutant in a dramatic display of engrossing and enveloping display of pure, calmative dark ambient that should appeal to avid followers of the genre and newcomers alike. nature is all, all is nature; but who really is the beast?


1 the root
2 the soil
3 grey skies
4 black town
5 causatum