live at maschinenfest 2016. raub-055

live at maschinenfest 2016. mp3 album, tape

raubbau. raub-055

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better play it hard! somewhere between bertolt brecht and a firealarm lies the pulse of hypnoskull. raw, merciless beats with a touch of poetry blossomed into the most beautiful form of powerful industrial music. with his experience gathered from more than two decades of generating sounds, patrick stevens has evolved into a class of its own-artist and so has his musical style. not limiting himself to a certain subgenre of industrial, every new release is always good for a surprise - just like the performance at maschinenfest 2016. feed your mind and body on intellectual industrial noise at its best while dancing the entire night and beyond. what starts with a more quiet and welcoming introductory part soon turns into a tsunami. straight forward or broken beats won’t let you escape until you hear the voice of bertolt brecht himself. especially the collaborative tracks with jan deboom stand for more experimental structures that complete the work of immense diversity and creativity, endless like the dark deep sea.


1 welcome to the global anti-music conspiracy network (first try fire alarm)
2 welcome to the global anti-music conspiracy network (second try)
3 seeräuber jenny (bertolt brecht 1928) (dedicated to elena)
4 die angst (findet nicht mehr statt)
5 phantomschmerz
6 immer wieder nein
7 alles schwarz
8 kleine dunkle vorahnung (feat. jan deboom)
9 die 23 augen des dr.(hyp)no
10 soho (die nacht findet nicht mehr statt)
11 krank vor wut
12 black db (feat. jan deboom)
13 an die nachgeborenen (original voice of bertolt brecht 1939)