snowdrops from a curate's garden. cure.8 cd

last dominion lost
snowdrops from a curate's garden. cd

the epicurean. cure.8 cd

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snowdrops from a curate's garden' is a 2011 live recording of industrial veterans last dominion lost with all exclusive, unreleased tracks. perfectly mastered by james plotkin, providing the album a sharp, forceful & modern sound. active since 1992 ldl, with jon evans, john murphy (krank, shining vril, ex-spk/whitehouse/current 93) & julian percy, have developed their unique brand of industrial music combining shuddering analogue synths, clanging metal rhythms and feedback with ritualistic percussion & chants. 'snowdrops from a curate's garden' can be considered the missing link between the grainy, demo-type 1990s recordings that became 'the tyranny of distance' (tesco, 2004) and the enthusiastically received 'towers of silence' album (the epicurean, 2014), which displayed a very contemporary, indicatory approach at that classic industrial sound. 6-panel digifile printed on high quality natural paper. Limited edition of 300 copies.


1 shell in the chamber
2 junk dna
3 wolfsquinte
4 speed racer
5 erbkrank
6 ritual in the dark
7 abjection
8 perdue