close ones. mtr025

close ones. cd

mindtrick records. mtr025

‚this is my second full-length album as semiomime. all songs have been written over an extended course of time. they needed to grow and transform to become impressions of memories and the emotions attached to them. i wanted to capture their essence, translate the way they are stored in my head. it has made this a very personal album. when you listen to my music, i hope it will connect to your own memories in a similar way. i hope it will make you think of some of those things that can make life special... remind you of your close ones.‘ - noel / semiomime. digipak packaging.


1 a day's rain
2 garden portal
3 lodestones
4 walking distance
5 at home
6 perseides
7 holding patterns
8 magnetic moments
9 aura
10 pacific