folk horror. a+w lp018

the devil & the universe
folk horror. 12", cd

aufnahme + wiedergabe. a+w lp018

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folk horror - that’s the name of the sub-genre of (in the seventies developed) british horror film where the aesthetics and the content reflect the heathenistic history of the british royal empire. the horror element has its subtle nuances. it lies in fields and meadows, hides in birdhouses and haystacks. a masterpiece depicting a beautiful understanding of this genre is the feature film ‘the wicker man‘, released in 1973. the devil and the universe dedicated their last long-play album to mysticism and in particular, the perpetually baffling plight of the virgin mary. now, it is time for the purveyors of this most emotive sound, to go back to their heathenistic roots. white vinyl edition, limited to 300 copies.


1 alchemical landscape
2 willow dance
3 the ash tree
4 a fiend in the furrows
5 black harvest
6 wyrd
7 the church of the goat
8 when we were trees