transit of thought. sssm-119

noiseconcrete x 3chi5
transit of thought. cd

sssm. sssm-119

it develop the lyrical electronics sound which is eroded from the outside with a poetic, fantastic sense was put together with centering on a song and the talk that gradually soak into harsh industrial / trip hop-like sensitivity and sound from the inside of the heart. it becomes splendid content!


1 思想のトランジット transit of thought
2 strange prosperity
3 .木漏れ日の塵 shimmering sunshine dust
4 君ト君ノ共通点 similarities
5 流転オルゴール the flowing music box
6 regulation
7 メフィストの灰 ash of the mephisto
8 マジックミラールーム magic mirror room
9 溶けない氷 insoluble ice
10 jack o' frost
11 鉄の角 horn of iron
12 未知 the unknown