divinity/unity/nothingness. hands-d244

phasenmensch + icd-10
divinity/unity/nothingness. cd

hands. hands-d244

for a dazzling exploration of divinity, ‘phasenmensch’ wolfram bange teams up with his regular live collaborators henning hinck and daniel himmelreich aka icd-10, who have already contributed to previous albums as well. while on ‘divinity/unity/nothingness’ there’s really a beat (almost) throughout, they make a point of maintaining the gentle and considerate nature that constitutes the phasenmensch sound: intimate and introspective, and yet with one foot on the dance floor, this is armchair techno in its best, timeless tradition. and of course, room is left for more experimental and dark sounds as well, so you may with confidence give in to the sombre moods and alluring beats delivered in an immaculate production. divinity, the concept of things that are, and remain sacred, originating from a deity - truth, grace, salvation. these noble thoughts are a perfect backstory for the elegance that unfolds over the good hour of this album. solemn and majestic, melodies unfold, midtempo 4/4 kicks and sturdy bass lines drive it home, and an underwood of experimental background sounds increases anxiety. allured by the earworm quality of ‘deep within’, one plunges into the sheer beauty of ‘shape of dissolution’, one anthem of a poetic female vocal track. but your soul may not rest, as more downbeat moments become more common as ‘divinity’ proceeds - metallic sounds on ‘unity’, an eerie soundscape called ‘transition’, washes of distortion on ‘dreamscape’ or the cinematic (and deteriorating) closing title ‘nothingness’ - the diversity of the previous phasenmensch output is still there, of course. it seems, the quest for divinity must remain futile as long as one tries to grasp it. and while you are aware of that, you may enjoy the soundtrack that phasenmensch and icd-10 have crafted for that quest!


1 divinity
2 deep within
3 shape of dissolution
4 unity [auda]
5 freedom of speech
6 transition
7 sharp lines
8 restless memories
9 dreamscape
10 beyond unity
11 howl from beyond
12 nothingness