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following audiotrauma anniversary 2k17 in paris, hologram_'s live gear was stolen from him on the train ride home. this remix sampler ‘rescue’ is dedicated to help replace the missing gear so the cloaked figure can return to the stage. his brothers and sisters in noise joined forces to rescue his gear, now is your chance to support! featuring remixes by sonic area, amnesy, noire antidote, ambassador21, aleph, ecstasphere, meta meat, verin, eva3 and riotmiloo, phasenmensch and s20. our goal is to collect 800€ before dec 15th to help martin to buy new live equipement. all sales (minus fees) after our goal and/or after december 15th, 2k17 will be donated to a foundation to help children. thank you in advance.


1 the manifest (remix by aleph)
2 equilibrium (remix by sonic area)
3 the thirteen theorems (remix by amnesy)
4 vertigo inferno (remix by verin)
5 third piece of the puzzle (what's missing remix by eva3 & riotmiloo)
6 in pandemonium (remix by noire antidote)
7 origamia (remix by ambassador 21)
8 coda sphera (remix by meta meat)
9 origamia (remix by phasenmensch & [s:20])
10 vertigo inferno (inner chaos remix by ecstasphere)