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distortion six is the fresh and vibrant project of nichlas schermann from oslo / norway who started experimenting with sounds and noises in 2000. it took years of experimentation and learning the deep details of his equipment until his first release saw the light of day. inspired by the origins of the power noise movement he honed his sonic skills to perfection creating his own legacy of rhythmic industrial archetypes with converter as a predominant influence. the album 'fierce' is the result of elevating vintage influences to a highly energetic contemporary level - a release which is certainly worth the attention of anyone addicted to the power noise genre. 'fierce' presents fifteen memorable examples of technoid, hypnotic force combined into one relentless head-nodding feast. granitic sounds in constant motion embedded in barbarous, crashing layers of dissonance focusing on constantly morphing polyrhythmic assaults of dark and intense aural dynamite. punching barrages of bone-cutting bass kicks and compressed percussion blasts underlay heavily distorted spits of noise and grinding, rusty soundscapes topped with virulent injections of processed vocal samples. beyond the sheer rhythmic power, dark atmospheres of fear and desolation are dispatched to release a nightmarish and surreal machined intensity. with 'fierce' distortion six presents an excellently produced mind-blowing incorporation of brutal complexity. a testament to past day power noise standards destined for a vile dancefloor.


1 touch
2 intruder
3 only thing
4 bouncer-creature
5 hana ken feat. vore complex with blossom
6 lava
7 funkfreak
8 gazer
9 skin
10 perisher
11 savage
12 trauma
13 fnkfreak (slaughter rmx)
14 vore complex - edges (distortion six remix)