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ant-zen. act368

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rhythm in all its many variations is used by many artists to breed a state of trance and an out of body experience. for marc fischer a.k.a. siamgda it has always been an important musical element, applied with the purpose to both make you move, and to open your mind in an insistent, positive way. with the album 'noise yoga' he has opened a new chapter in this project's history, ridden by grooves of all kinds and turning from the familiar electronic / ethnic amalgamation towards minimalistic techno and classic ebm arrangements. you can easily draw a comparison while listening to the new 'yoga versions' of 'oppression' and 'son of god' and the original tracks released on previous siamgda albums. 'noise yoga' is a strong and varied mechanized display of force - an unstoppable juggernaut of hypnotic repetition and shuffling sensuousness. viscerally heavy and obsessively reran rhythmic vamps added with pumping bass hits, implanted melodic hooks and heavily distorted vocals are the ingredients for a dynamically compelling flow. a propulsive, dense combination of timeless sound components and contemporary recording techniques, made with the intention to make you move and think, and it does so.


1 sangha
2 first
3 yoga
4 drumosphere
5 stimulation
6 noise shifting
7 breathing
8 freakiness attack
9 tanzen gehen
10 dhadhage dho
11 oppression (yoga version)
12 son of god (yoga version)