your favourite electro-funk-swingers. ¥406.2

your favourite electro-funk-swingers. mp3 album

hymen records. ¥406.2

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featuring 'beyond the valley of the proles' remixes by end, black lung, shaolin wooden men and others.


1 citizens (shaolin wooden men "duty now and forever" remix)
2 businessman (end "power-dressed for success" remix)
3 justified homicide (black lung "executive delivery" remix)
4 businessman (end "market correction" remix)
5 the ballad (lightarmour "work will make you free" remix)
6 bad planet (by the lamplight)
7 fill my hole (under a full moon)
8 justified homicide (fireside favourite)
9 citizens (a subterranean glow)
10 hooray!! (live from the verandah)