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andrás gulyás aka livingtotem is both a major figure in hungary’s industrial and dark ambient scene and known for his analogue project panoramic barrier, where livingtotem's sound is made in a digital form to accomplish an entirely different set of results. andrás' fascination for electronic music dates back to his childhood when he listened to jean-michel jarre and kraftwerk. influenced by classic ebm and industrial / tribal based artists like skinny puppy, the klinik, portion control, this morn' omina and ah cama-sotz he started livingtotem in 2006. it was and is the project's aim to open a worldwide audiences' eyes and ears to his very own innovative sonic treatments, all of which are clearly audible on his third full length album 'raw effort'. this release presents an energetic fusion of tribal, industrial and technoid sources, produced only with groove box, samplers and effects. a 'modern ritual dance music', created to affect the listeners' deepest consciousness with the help of energizing rhythm patterns to evoke cosmic forces. these patterns are the most important elements for building a livingtotem track before solid bass lines and hypnotic sequencer textures are added. although the cinematic tribal character is clearly audible, industrial music influences have been well-embedded to achieve a rough, hypnotic sense. 'raw effort' offers twelve truly fine examples of channeled brute force, perfected with the collaborative help of legendary hungarian composer lászló hortobágyi on the final track. a perfect overlap between machined preciseness and organic natural power.


1 immortal magic package
2 revenge of the kaiju
3 musty sandpaper
4 life causes death
5 looming devastation
6 glorious rotten spacecraft
7 zeropanic
8 cuweazoa
9 the parameter is incorrect
10 dreadful neon camp
11 concentrated incense
12 el-hortobagyi & livingtotem: awaiting with diseased calmness