psicicite. ¥054

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hymen records. ¥054

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ryan friedrich is known from his first release 'azif' in 2002. breakcore addicts who were familiar with sound-cut masters like venetian snares were impressed: ryan went far beyond the above-mentioned by building up walls of snippets (sometimes lasting less than half of a second) into sheer break-noise mayhem. hymen records’ first xanopticon record 'liminal space' was a compact, ultra-fast, stunning roll block of sound that left the listener nailed to the wall. three years later, 'psicicite' has the same ingredients that xanopticon is known for - microscopic synth tones, noises, samples - and of course beats. ryan has forced these bits, pieces and breaks into a metric corset. the four tracks are straight and fast, with a sound structure that changes every second. there is not time to take a breath between the attacking drums - nevertheless there are well placed pauses which result in a stunning dynamic range. in short, a work of complexity and dramatic art.


1 ungrokd
2 bedowra
3 psicicite
4 broken eye teeth