giauzar. ¥053

somatic responses
giauzar. 12"

hymen records. ¥053

somatic responses have become a household name in experimental electronic music by reanimating classic electronic music styles with distortion and tempo to create a new futuristic sound. this album, dedicated to the memory of their father john healy, ranges between dark rhythmic downtempo pieces ('b boy 3000), hard-driven broken beats ('shell') and threatening, soundtrackish electro-ambience which evokes the memory of john carpenter as viewed through bullet-shattered glass ('heliuminum'). somatic responses puts you into a swirling bed of synth clouds while producing an album which proves that ruptured hard-drives of broken-beated chaos can still elicit emotions beyond those of a confused tedium. diversified and ingenious is the best way to describe this new album. an album which leaves you breathless.


1 b boy 3000
2 heliuminum
3 giauzar
4 sagitta
5 combined forces
6 nowtro music
7 shell