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besides information about live and dj activities, there isn’t much to be found on subskan mastermind jean-marc polet. there were rumors about him working in a factory and using pure industrial samples for his artistic work - whether these rumors are true or not, they seem completely legitimate while listening to subskan's sound treatments. after two well received releases over the course of more than ten years, he has redefined himself artistically and personally - years in which he literally recorded hundreds of tracks coming to terms with most different aspects of his identity. 'ambidextrous asylums' is the final result of a precise selection around a deliberate setup and sonic coherence as well as a re-introduction of the artist subskan and the person jean-marc. subskan's intention is expressing himself musically without any stylistic boundaries and classifications - placing great importance on the music speaking for itself and it not only describing the artist's moods and feelings, but also shepherding the individual listener's own journey into his inner core. this music stays in your mind long after it has faded away. this album's most diversified song structure permanently changes between feelings and tempers without any rest - each track transports into another mental status from psychiatric dark sadness and gentle positive joy or hope to desperate bedevilment. the music on 'ambidextrous asylums' touches a lot of different styles between beat-oriented intelligent dance music, melancholy-saturated electronica and abstract breakcore structures. a diligent use of instrumentation and samples plus the precise, clear production make this opus an outstanding release which re-establishes subskan back in full shape after years of self-discovery.


1 rupture
2 awaken beyond
3 split
4 orgomethylium
5 tromasis abscissa
6 ovokc
7 forgotten
8 paradox
9 evo4
10 coma templa
11 nattagon's memento
12 withx