machine spirit transmission. raub-053

michael idehall
machine spirit transmission. mp3 album

raubbau. raub-053

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swedish producer michael idehall presents a nice offering for his ever-growing fanbase: comprising of seven songs - and one experimental track of extended length, ‘machine spirit transmission’ features all new and unreleased material only, representing the range of idehall’s art perfectly. with his unique brand of dark industrial, self-coined as ‘seancetronica’ he has gained rapid approval from genre connoisseurs. those in the know perceive his mixture of alluring vocals, throbbing bass, ominous drones and sonorous electronica as irresistibly catchy, tapping deep into the industrialist’s subconscious - which has resulted in reviewers’ namedropping the likes of coil, tg, omala a.o. frequently. from the ‘opening’, the pounding beats and solemn atmosphere of this recording entice the listener. in the vein of a ritual, with evident references to magic in ‘ma kra oum ka bra nha’ and ‘power mantra, we descend into to the netherworld with ‘dream circuitry’, where we hear the ‘singing of machines’, all piercing electronics and metallic tremors. the whispering doom of ‘technological automatism’ and ‘aukos’ closes part 1 of the machine spirit transmission. the rest is the ‘prophecy of the apparatus god’, an 18 minute exercise in industrial awesomeness, working with sounds cheekily stolen from ant-zen label boss salt. transmission over - for now.


1 opening
2 ma kra oum ka bra nha
3 power mantra
4 dream circuitry
5 the singing of machines
6 technological automatism
7 aukos
8 prophecy of the apparatus god