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following his determinant ep ‘x2a’, aevin returns to raumklang music with the full-length album ‘the aftermath’. while further establishing his signature sound, aevin lures the listener to the front line of his aural artillery. as the title suggests, ‘the aftermath’ acts like a personal beacon to the compositional endeavors of aevin. the album concept manifests itself as a sonic vehicle for time exploration, enabling us to submerse ourselves in a melding of seething futurism and historical relic. carefully chosen track titles guide our vividly imaginative journey through space and time, as they signify the specific period from which each song draws its inspiration and character. return to the distant past with the cavernous echoes of music just conceived by a blacksmith in crotona thousand of years ago or be transported to the remote future with the advanced, sci-fi frequencies of a hard-nosed world dominated by anthropomorphous machines, the avatar d torrents. addictively dancey yet thought-provokingly cerebral, richly textured yet meticulously precise, vibrantly visionary yet reverently traditional, ‘the aftermath’ adeptly weaves together a series of complementary opposites into a uniquely rich and deeply rewarding listening experience to delve into and return to.


1 court of dreams
2 pigeon whisperer
3 assemblage point shift
4 avatar d
5 year 6000
6 trail of the scarab
7 blacksmith in crotona
8 elephsys at pleiades
9 tudor fanfare
10 court of dreams (the plastic eulogy remix)