jigsawtooth. md252

jigsawtooth. cd

n5md. md252

jigsawtooth is the third album from hendrik kroez's miwon project. on this long-awaited follow up to is critically revered a to b (city centre offices) kroez displays his skill in marrying motorik techno infused rhythms and soaring pop ambient melodies. this is most evident on ‘charezza’ which could very well be the most uplifting track in the n5md cannon. other cuts on jigsawtooth utilize sweeping synth-work that encourage a near kraut/kosmische travel worthy flavor to the proceedings. other genre signposts are evident on jigsawtooth but that's something that's always been a constant with kroez's work as miwon. in his hands such coalescence sounds cohesive, natural and is some much welcomed diversity to nought-era electronica.


1 fuzzy words
2 charezza
3 spiderman
4 wolkengedoens
5 shutter (windmill version)
6 pineda
7 mondharke
8 cool your jets
9 jigsawtooth
10 akademgorodok
11 centrifuge