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crisis actor is a conspiracy of two, dedicated to bringing the hard truth to the people through the vehicle of art and music. a new project from david thrussell (snog / black lung) and tony d’oporto (gnomes of kush / gnome & spybey). the first single on ant-zen titled 'electronic eye' fuses together industrial ebm / electro and trance music into a true dance floor stomper. featuring remixes by assemblage 23, mike wimer (live member of vnv nation), displacer, nick woolfson (sounds from the ground) and earth growl, complementing this release's sound spectrum with a extra dose of idm and drum'n'bass.


1 electronic eye
2 electronic eye (assemblage 23 remix)
3 superstar (displacer remix)
4 electronic eye (m1k3 w1m3r remix)
5 electronic eye (nick woolfson remix)
6 bringer of war (earth growl remix)