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the negativity bias
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inspired by the musical output of scuba, marcel dettmann, planetary assault systems and s.w.z.k., the project the negativity bias works as an emotional bridge between artist and listener. warm deep house structures are combined with cold effects known from the industrial/noise sector. rhythm, sound design and final mastering are transmitting nothing but void - ‘whatever you want’ focuses on the listener. he is to decide what to think, how to feel and in what way to move. in the end it is freedom, that is transferred. the primal idea of choosing paintings to stride on this path was abandoned, but in the same moment, the sound of ‘the negativity bias’ was created.


1 black coloured trauma
2 the slight eternity
3 neon light force
4 dead born content
5 piece of cake
6 sweet little pershing (feat. blac kolor)
7 the wind carries
8 cracked solid structure