reverse//remixes ep. apd013

the opposer divine
reverse//remixes ep. mp3 album

aliens production. apd013

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it’s not so long ago, that there was a thunder at basis of aliens production with the album reverse human and minor is already giving to attention another his attempt, this time in the remix extension. a handful of big names in electronic underground, has connected their hybrid modules and presents their appetites under their batons and they are usurping their visions of tod project. jihad, ish, lioba, dieproduktivitaet, obszon geschopf and kifoth are the names of the marked ones, which gives to the second album in order under our wings a new face. a lot of energetic electronics and new tricks that will hit you right here. as a blow from the heavens. or hell? attention, this digital ep contains 3 exclusive treats, which you gotta have and especially hear. this is not a warning and not a necessity, this is a duty...


1 arrival [ish remix]
2 reverse [jihad remix]
3 magnetic shield [liob remix]
4 the hum [synthetic playground]
5 last messiah [obszon geschopf remix]
6 down [house of sleep]
7 human animal [kifoth remix]
8 arrival [dieproduktivitaet remix]
9 armo [red]