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a game of passion', more than an album title this is a manifesto for the rorschach garden: passion is the one big reason why philipp münch has been pushing the project since 1988. this out-of-line collection of 12 tracks perfectly showcases the current state of the rorschach garden sound, electronic pop for the back alleys. beside the steady regular cd releases, for some years trg have had a tradition of collecting more obscure tracks, some of which may have appeared via social media or other channels, and collecting them on small handmade editions supplied to good friends only. but the good news is, this time around they have decided on a proper release in digital format (yes, it’s been a long way since the days in the tape scene)! 'a game of passion' is much more than the collected leftovers from 2014-15 (even though everyone knows, sometimes the leftovers make a great meal again), but this is quite close to a regular trg album, albeit exploring the possibilities of the download format. the nearly 50 minutes of 'a game of passion' sound very coherent and display the trademark trg sound in its best shape: analogue, but not lopsidedly retro, deeply melancholic, but also resiliently positive, determined, but never aggressive. there will be a dear favorite for everyone among these tunes, e.g. the introverts’ anthem 'born this way', the dreamt journey to 'norway', 'nothing stops our craze' - an unashamed declaration of love, or perhaps the sci-fi instrumental 'perry rhodan', which one is for you? whatever you choose, in music, in life, the rorschach garden encourage you to always play your game with passion!


1 transcendental
2 city at night
3 too late
4 shadow and storm
5 the game of passion
6 nothing stops our craze
7 worms in my head
8 born this way
9 blue lantern
10 norway
11 perry rhodan
12 decay