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in ancient mythology elysium is an afterlife, a blessed and happy place chosen by the gods for the righteous and the heroic. if we take a close look around the life we are living we will realize elysium is already here on earth, but for the very few. a place where a very small percentage of human population is spending its time in rapture while the rest of us are condemned to a permanent life of struggle and conflict. this very special definition of elysium was the starting point for philipp münch's fourth solo album - a claiming, haunting and partly dystopic opus. this release is an arc of suspense starting with rhythmic pieces, leading to the long dark ambient track 'fighting back (long version)' and concluding with more beat oriented tunes. a huge variety of stylistic devices were applied to bring arc of suspense into a more detailed focus, from atmospheric cinematic textures and technoid electro patterns to classic industrial strikes. a fascinating survey of sounds including surgically precise loops, disturbing walls of noise, varied electronic percussion and processed vocals. philipp münch consistently demonstrates his ability to shift between the different sides of electronics. an album both suitable for listening an thinking, keeping you company during your long and solitary nights.


1 temperature drop
2 is it you?
3 ars moriendi
4 scanner
5 fighting back (long version)
6 hard working man
7 alone in the desert
8 elysium (version)
9 oh sweet joy (spirituality)
10 surveillance of the fittest