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ant-zen. act214

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what is twinkle? better ask what are twinkle, because this is a two members project: yves cornu & j.-b. leduc from france. so far only one ep has been released on the label/collective audiotrauma. after many concert appearances which caused reactions that were beyond enthusiasm/ecstasy and two years after 'processing industry' the time has come for their first full length album. le jouet (the toy) explores the different aspects of 'toys': the pretend innocence of a real toy like barbie, human beings who use toys for specific role playing and deadly weapons used like toys by grown ups who can never negate the children they once were. le jouet's music is a unique blend of hard hitting ultra distorted rhythms/beats constructed to stir up your brain and (probably) force you to dance. psychotic, twisted & tribal rhythmic noise is overlayed with unpretentious melodies and enriched with pushing vocals (complimented by a tremendous selection of samples). music that is complex, challenging and body oriented all at the same time. twinkle has established a style that is between contemporary industrial, experimental soundscapes and intelligent usage of metric varieties. let the game begin...


1 la mise en rayon
2 l'altération cinglante
3 ton style
4 la victime volontaire
5 joue avec moi
6 l'envers de la vague
7 les voies infectées
8 le joueur
9 tu es perdu
10 la peur de l'abîme
11 le dernier vivant
12 le spectre
13 l'auto-dictée
14 la boite à musique
15 les poupées capitonées