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nearly six years after ina peters a.k.a. frl. linientreu released her fascinating and very personal album 'lifelines', the musical biography continues with her third full length release 'transformation', a release that documents changes in her work and private life as well as her recent musical status. the thirteen tracks on this album not only deliver a wide range of moods between relief, thoughtfulness, tension, anger and frustration, but also channel the will to go on, intensified through the use of heartfelt lyrics in german. industrial, ambient, technoid electronics, blissful idm and minimal are featured in frl. linientreu's own unique way where classic musical influences from pioneers like kraftwerk are also perfectly integrated and processed. a highly emotional and versatile release where the lucidity of the digital age clashes with analogue roughness and a title whose different meanings like metamorphosis, change or realization are all relevant and correct.


1 re-connected 36°33'n 121°55'w 38°25'n 27°9'n
2 the walk
3 the hood
4 around us
5 summer in your car
6 soundcheck
7 gute laune ist eine einstellung
8 selbstständig
9 ohhh kleinstadt
10 aquariumsklaven
11 deine kinder sind fort
12 window
13 it's hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in the world (album version)