rust. adn189lp

swarm intelligence
rust. 2x12", cd

ad noiseam. adn189lp

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swarm intelligence's new album is a remarkable homage to decay and bleakness. he has spent the last year gathering recordings of abandoned power stations and factories, corroded metal and found objects. the source material was rearranged, processed and woven into intense, distorted landscapes and sharp, metallic drums. with 'rust', swarm intelligence has taken the cold hard elements of metal and forged them into a warmer, more organic sound, resulting in a strikingly stark, dissonant and immersive journey. clear vinyl, including the full cd.


1 courtyard
2 iridescent
3 vibrating wire
4 excavator 288
5 demolition ground
1 low power line
2 barricade
3 attic spring
4 chamber
5 thierbach demolish