music for tectonics. emf cd 083

music for tectonics. cd

electronic music foundation. emf cd 083

this cd by the legendary icelandic project is the result of reptilicus’ participation in the tectonics festival in reykjavik, organised by the iceland symphony orchestra and curated by conductor ilan volkov. reptilicus did various recordings of performances, rehearsals and the environment at the festival which became the basis of their own performance. in the wake of tectonics, reptilicus put new pieces together, manipulating and adding to the raw material collected. among the material used (with permission) are recordings of the works of christian wolff and pauline oliveros. graphic design by award winning michael robert wrycraft. digipak packaging.


1 rewritten first
2 rewritten second
3 rewritten third
4 rewritten fourth
5 rewritten fifth
6 rewritten sixth
7 rewritten seventh