elect me god and i'll kill you all!. epic.2

catatonic existence
elect me god and i'll kill you all!. cd

epic recordings. epic.2

epic recordings makes available a retrospective release by californian semi-legendary act catatonic existence, collecting all material ever released by the band, which is a unique blend of electro industrial and death metal with deep growl vocals. the catatonic existence material cites musical influences like pitchshifter, sonic violence, godflesh and of course meatshits. heavy with samples that were chosen for maximum offensiveness, the obsession with absolute violence for the sake of violence works as the storyline of all tracks. the combination of electro slickness, even groove, with dynamic guitar riffs and the grindcore-type vocal delivery makes this music absolutely singular in style and totally timeless, so 'elect me god, and i`ll kill you all!' is pure underground filth waiting to be re-discovered by those with a disposition for the extreme. this cd release includes a 12-page booklet with true reproductions of all original artwork and designs, so the history of catatonic existence can be retraced in its explicit entirety. limited edition of 300 copies.


1 guy told me to
2 the last temptation
3 alter of reality
4 i had a dream
5 a pile of little arms
6 blank (delerium-edit-dub-mix)
7 m.w.d. (mafia-hit-dub-mix)
8 m.w.d.
9 click
10 m.w.d. (mafia-hit-mix)