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v.a. - maschinenfest 2015. 2cd

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they only want you when you’re seventeen!? believe it or not, maschinenfest has successfully gone into its 17th edition this year, and as always, there’s now the compilation album, the legacy of those three days of musical diversity, broken heating and general insanity. a tad more on the dark side this time around, this still represents a vast scope of (not only electronic) contemporary underground music and remains as essential as ever. 3x9=27, and that’s the number of tracks you get. kick it off with cd1/red: nullgrad (abrasive psy trance), swarm intelligence (crackling noise ambience), talvekoidik (with a heavier remix of his current cinematic electronica sound), control (plunging into sheer darkness), wieloryb (ass-kicking rhythm noise), sudden infant (with a cool live cut capturing the intensity proper), dive (with a classic live cut), needle sharing (doing a breakcore encore), synapscape (with an extended mix of a rare compilation track), incite/ noisy electro sound), 2methyl (in a midtempo mood), and gjöll vs. 2 kilos and more feat. black sifichi with two respective, solemn collaboration tracks. change cds and inject the silver disc – which is possibly the darkest mf cd in all those years: from eerie horrorscapes by darkrad to champions league dark ambient by bad sector and ah-cama sotz, from solemn anthems by sanctum and mago to a surprisingly experimental track by asche/morgenstern, from the led-heavy riffs of drumcorps to the melancholic punk of fliehende stürme, it’s all in a quite sinister way. and yet there’s more to explore: a potential hit track by distel featuring the lovely genevieve pasquier, most evil power electronics by kommando, a tribute to the proletarian worker by rummelsnuff, a fierce stepper by dj hidden and analogue, repetitive noise patterns by geistform and the long missed vromb. the 2015 edition is bound in red cardboard with gold and silver print, a nice reminiscence to the (gasp!) mf 2000 cd. past, present and future in an alloy as solid as pure steel!


1 symbols and visions nullgrad
2 disraptor swarm intelligence
3 spitzbergen-maschinenedition talvekoidik
4 flenskog control
5 mona liza 3.0 wieloryb
6 somolphobia-live sudden infant
7 sidewalk sinner-live dive
8 breakcore encore needle sharing
9 up and down-extended synapscape
10 cycle-remix incite/
11 biocity 2methyl
12 no war on my skin gjöll + 2kilos &more feat. black sifichi
13 pillow face gjöll + 2kilos &more feat. black sifichi
1 velvet ground - feat. geneviève pasquier distel
2 fast and lost sanctum
3 grist - re-amped drumcorps
4 cho-live remix 2015 bad sector
5 deceiver ah cama-sotz
6 white owl darkrad
7 i am a girl mago
8 high on ezeopam kommando
9 gerüstbauer rummelsnuff
10 control-morgenstern version asche
11 sterne fliehende stürme
12 in formation-maschinen edit dj hidden
13 ground waves geistform
14 prototype 01 vromb