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on his second album for ant-zen, 'oppression', marc fischer a.k.a. siamgda continues to tread the path that began with 'tremors': a unique and captivating mixture of acoustic ethnic sounds and electronic soundscapes ranging from ambient to noise, with the emphasis on looped tribal percussion. on ‘oppression’ this german artist generates a wide scale of moods between trance, unease and wariness. dense, repetitive textures and even borrowed elements from the characteristic krautrock rhythm 'motorik' carry the catchy musical motifs based on native sounds recorded in india and nepal, and all this is then enriched with subtle changes which become clear after repeated, intensive listening. this release connects industrial roughness with beat-structured hypnosis, riveting drumming with tailor-made samples and lo-fi production elements with an intoxicating live feel. highly recommended.


1 wide land of ruins
2 march over icy deserts
3 lost runaway
4 asian slave bazaar
5 thousand arms for a headless mind
6 oppression
7 fading
8 under the shadow
9 gory
10 last body
11 mourner