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long overdue, aphexia's debut album finally arrives as a closed chapter. from a musicological perspective, 'breathe' can be listened to as a transparent documentation of the tender yet brutal way which led to the matured, resolute project aphexia is today. contextually, 'breathe' is a vision of self-inflicted liberty as a result of merciless self-confrontation with and thus emancipation from hypocritically adapted internal conflicts and patterns. 'breathe' is a declaration of dependance and mirrors our omnipresent responsability for each moment which we so often refuse to acknowledge. suffocation is an illusion. we inhale what surrounds us and exhale ourselves unto this sphere. we are all slaves and we are all masters.


1 surrender
2 obey
3 trembling light
4 exhale
5 anchors
6 devoured enlightened addicted
7 the blinded and the unseen
8 the inner parting
9 evermore
10 the void
11 drift and dissolve
12 float and fall
13 awakening