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in 2014, sweeping changes took place in keef baker's life: he decided to move from his hometown for not just a new job but a new way of working which meant new challenges and far-reaching adaptations to his private life. besides the adventurous aspects of such a sharp break there were many other things to cope with, as nearly anyone knows by experience: there is hope, there is curiousness, but there is also uncertainness and fear. on this fourth album of his project nimon keef took a stab turning these mixed emotions into music with excellent results. 'fear of change' delivers a multitude of moods to accompany drastic personal breaks: scepticism, expectation, apprehension, grief, and anticipation. meditative ambient sound tapestries generated with a processed electric guitar create a continuous flow of melancholia and bliss. an entracing, intriguing and deeply personal album which is part of an exceptional artist's aural diary as well as a possible reverberation of the listener's very own experiences. highly recommended.


1 a new job in a new town
2 leaving your friends behind
3 blank slate
4 throw it all away
5 replacements
6 the rough with the smooth
7 anything is possible
8 blazing sun
9 no bed to sleep on
10 shining moon
11 things get in the way