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ant-zen. act204

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first came 'karmageddon', then 'the coming dark age' - together with 'concrete octopus' david thrussell serves a fine cd-in-between-vinyl-sandwich. 2 tracks on this lp are already featured on 'the coming dark age'; the two 'concrete octopus' remixes and three new unreleased tracks will keep you dancing & thinking - that's what black lung stands for. from sir real's distorted big beats to hecq's sound wizardry, from drilling basses to the final 'fissure of baal' collage - go get the official record for people who are afraid of, or just plain hate, creepy, evil clowns. yes...this is the no clown zone!


1 concrete octopus
2 concrete octopus (sir real’s rancid rebuild)
3 concrete octopus (systemdeath miqs by hecq)
4 the sins of megalopolis
5 the spectre of less
6 the synthetic century
7 fissure of baal