the coming dark age. act194

black lung
the coming dark age. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act194

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‘the coming dark age’ features an electrotechno and sociopolitical theme through avant-garde instrumental work, possessed by wildly experimental elements which is often juxtaposed by variations of deep electro, techno, crunchy breaks, neo space rock and startling abrupt rhythmic changes through to industrial-ambience. this album can be seen as a conceptual / musical continuation and expansion to the 'karmageddon' 12'' which was released on ant-zen earlier this year. packaging: 4-page digipak cd packaging + 12p booklet.


1 the coming dark age
2 the sins of megalopolis
3 karmageddon
4 the great automobile hunt
5 the doomed fortress
6 concrete octopus
7 armies of oil
8 the view from hubbert's peak
9 battle for the grim plateau
10 leibowitz's canticle
11 toward the petro-apocalypse
12 megalopolis dies
13 the new dark age