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ant-zen. act193

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there is a theory that track 2 on a cd is the cd's "hit". on this 2cd package, track 2 is 'domination' - enough said. two years after the first 'expansion' came out, we present the second strike. this expansion contains unreleased material, live tracks and remixes by industrial icons like sonar and ambient masters like architect and displacer. scott sturgis' musical variety is amazing, ranging from heavily distorted industrial beat attacks to dark ambient soundscapes. 'expansion 2.0' tracks range from the 'shock front' to 'exit ritual' period - which perfectly documents sturgis' improvement. instead of repeating a successful concept over and over again, scott experimented with new influences and various styles. he even has enough balls to communicate with satan herself - as it is documented here. this is a highly recommended addition to your converter collection. packaging: jewelcase w/ 4 page booklet.


1 subliminal eye (lsi)
2 domination (lm)
3 shock front (detonated)
4 see beyond (remix by displacer)
5 stand beside him (420 elevators remix by broken fabiola)
6 the experiment
7 smoke
8 order/creature (remix by rasputin)
9 witch hunter (burned remix by dj burn)
10 stand beside him (fyp)
11 stone wind
12 fallen (lm)
13 offering (scorched remix by databomb)
14 d.1k.d
15 witch hunter (hanged)
1 atlantis (1990.re-edit)
2 time through windows
3 invocation of lilith
4 ceremony (black)
5 electric wizard
6 order/creature (remix by sonar)
7 monster death (lem)
8 cloud eye (remix by architect)
9 chainreaction
10 see beyond (feat. goddess kring)
11 order/creature (lm)
12 offering
13 cloud eye (remix by prospero)
14 stand beside him (power)
15 coma (tik remix)
16 listen to converter