frantic sessions. act333

m.o.a.t.a. - omen & the rorschach garden
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ant-zen. act333

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twenty years after their conception, the frantic sessions are finally made available to the public in a collaborative effort by raubbau and ant-zen. an old school lesson for a whole new generation of disciples: oscillating between noise and rhythm, drones and ambience, these 14 tracks are drenched in minimal monotony and repetition, seething with feedback, topped off with the occasional distorted croon of m.o.a.t.a. - omen. 'frantic sessions' preserves the original raw and unpolished sound of its age, which is now all red-and-hot again, stirring it with the underground clubs and via the likes of the berghain into a larger crossover crowd. history has swung full circle, and the full fascination and youthful energy of this material feels just right - now!


1 inside
2 every nude gets in action
3 unresponsible
4 beyond all visible
5 (y)our nightmares
6 frantic vision
7 knowledge
8 drop it!
9 nerves
10 oversterilisation
11 take care
12 alles ist nichts!
13 pashas delight (dub)
14 ash nazg