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with his third album 'sick' the american artist dan fox a.k.a. loss presents a fresh aural facsimile of his feelings, imagination and passion, transmuting pain, sorrow, love and hate into a powerful sonic ride. once again loss proves his ability of working with an impressive selection of sounds and of arranging them with great skill into an authentic image of sonic mastery. throughout these eight lengthy tracks the listener will be captivated by loss' distinguishable manner of composition dispatching a pure, cathartic energy. a broad range of different sound elements like distorted beats, selectively applied samples, a digitalized voice, and even doom metal guitar riffs have been used to generate a striking work of art. dark, poignant ambient electronics, sublime samples and ingredients of primordial industrial music as equitable components produce a very emotive unity, combined and juxtaposed with great care. highly recommended.


1 perdition
2 the (broken) promise ring
3 mania
4 session 02
5 and maggots surrounded her (the waste that was to be part II)
6 false impressions
7 wound
8 despondency