frequences sensibles. act316

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ant-zen. act316

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the album 'frequences sensibles' offers a strong progression in the fields of harshness and rectilinearity, in which artistic playfulness is replaced with frantic power. varied elements of musique concrète and heavily distorted noise have been constricted and pulled using high pressure into eight straightforward hardcore techno based beat corsets which do not make room for any intake of breath. this album demonstrates another facet of vincent ingouf's harsh rhythm-oriented side, eligible for public and home environments. une leçon de danse émotionnelle - écouter à fort volume!


1 orage de décembre
2 faim du monde
3 comme le dernier écho d'une symphonie qui s'éloigne
4 balade sentimentale et polytesse
5 un arbre
6 fréquences sensibles
7 leçon de danse émotionnelle
8 plaisirs d'amour