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letzte ausfahrt leben (l.a.l) was founded in august 2008 by the german based musician nina noise. l.a.l is mainly focused on rhythmic noise. after a hand full of digital digital album releases and many contributions to compilations l.a.l. is now releasing her first physical album 'mirrage' at raumklang music. mirrage is a high quality and very varied, rhythmic noise album. harsh and kicking beats, combined with sweet arranged textures and voice samples are pushing all to the maximum delirium. mirrage is a abslolut solid, rhythmic noise album that does not have to hide from other big names like mono no aware, ms gentur and others. for all lovers of the harder variety, this album is a must. in addition, there are four fantastic remixes of kirk fox, phasenmensch, basementgrrr and hezzel, finishing the album.


1 calling the ether
2 damnation
3 na gore kolchoz
4 reflection
5 breaking the shadows
6 mirrage
7 shadows on the sand
8 gebetsruf
9 tears
10 vision
11 reflection (kirk fox remix)
12 mirrage (schizoaffektive störung mix by phasenmensch)
13 mirrage (1 bpm faster mix by [basementgrrr])
14 gebetsruf (hezzel remix)