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ant-zen. act182

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in december 2003, berlin was invaded by a bunch of rabbits, attacking the audience of a three day festival with a furious noise inferno. nobody knew where they came from - we guess it was from a place that doen't even exist. in october 2004, the same rabbits came to krefeld and unleashed their fury on the maschinenfest audience. the enthusiastic addicts and shocked carrotheads tried to escape from the venue. after their performance they disappeared as fast as they showed up - but photos have been made as a proof that they were indeed rabbits! through mysterious channels, ant-zen received a phonographic recording and a video clip and decided to release it publicly as a document of the aural and visual manifestation of an unknown sort of rabbits - a powerful merciless crescendo of distorted rhythms, noisy loops and unleashed fury. on the video, pictures taken at the above mentioned events have been turned into a stroboscopic montage by one of the rabbits itself. right, inside of a man is a wolf, but after experiencing this release the question becomes, what danger might be hidden inside the rabbit? packaging: cd-gatefold sleeve (special paper).


1 the carrots sweep
2 the bunny┬┤s leap
3 rabbit on a maedow
4 hare in a pit
5 life in a hole