mine remixes pt2. ¥828

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hymen records. ¥828

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after the first part of the 'mine remixes' series in december 2013, architect and hymen records present strike two. on this digital ep, available as a free download, you will discover exclusive remixes of four album tracks by jerusalem-based producer vlad shusterman a.k.a. ghost bike, romanian musician victor popescu's project bln (formerly brazda lui novac), american sound designer and composer kevin patzelt a.k.a. dreissk, and (mike) textbeak from cleveland / ohio. an aquatic blend of deep soundscapes, rhythmic synth textures, pulsing drums and interwoven vocal samples of emese arvai-illes which result in a perfect balance of ambient and idm with subtle shoegaze elements. once again a suspenseful listening experience for discoverers and adepts - let it be yours!


1 immaterial (ghost bike remix)
2 neverending (bln remix)
3 mountain top (dreissk remix)
4 the sun (textbeak remix)