noir. ta081

noir. cd

tympanik audio. ta081

after several releases with gv-sound and abstrakt reflections, russian idm/ambient producer eyescream joins tympanik audio to present his latest full-length album 'noir'. from clean, glitchy synthlines and pronounced beatwork to expansive ambient and post-rock elements, the sound of ‘noir‘ proves to be both interchangeable and elusive; at once an emotive journey that leads you out of a disturbing dream and into warm sunlight. packaging: 4-panel digipak.


1 succubus
2 1r
3 hollow
4 five swallows to space
5 soliloquize
6 no matter how fair
7 insignificance
8 clockwork elephant
9 nothing to hide
10 void her majesty
11 incurable
12 everone
13 despa1r