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to promote black lung's recent product 'the great golden goal' which consists of 15 motivational pieces specifically designed for workspace, gym, competition cycling, internal value conditioning and reflexive behavior modification events, david thrussell and ant-zen offer the digital single 'the business of selling' as a free gift without any obligation to buy the full length product. this offer includes the title track which can be found on the album, and two exclusive remixes by the australian project monster zoku onsomb! who provided another remix on 'the great golden goal'. this free trial can be seen as a representative excerpt of black lung's current artistic work: a catchy technoid electro tune with a slight hint to classic electronic body music plus mzo's very own electro / breakbeat interpretation of mr. thrussell's motivational intention. hearing is believing - try it yourself today!


1 the business of selling
2 the business of buying (monster zoku onsomb! remix)
3 the great golden goal (mzo's dark raver remix)