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ant-zen. act297

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right after finishing his last full length release 'do not bend' joost gransjean started to work on his next album which is now ready to blow your minds and speakers. 'human farming' features ten curtain fires of uplifted and multilayered beats overlaid with deep distortion, heavy droning pads and striking voice samples. the roughness of rhythmic noise combined with the speed of hardcore techno add up to a steady driving force of tightness and contortion. with this work mono-amine introduces forcing surges of concrete blows recommended for serious differently minded devotees of pace and aggression. wake up - and shutdown the farm!


1 human farming
2 time for a revolution
3 shutdown the farm
4 expand your awareness
5 perfection is not just about control
6 like any other form of livestock
7 do you understand
8 wake up
9 unjustified violence
10 the illusion of freedom