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[basementgrrr]s second strike is ready to hit you right in the face! 'a certain kind of decay' is their second album to be released on raumklang music records and contains ten brand new tracks. again we can expect a mixture of dark and deep electronics, this time with a heavily analog approach, dirty basslines and kicking beats. experimenting with noise, samples and vocals, a new facet unfolds as we dig deeper into the album. music is always influenced by a certain state of mind and good or bad feelings. the last album was influenced by traveling and meeting places and people. this time the tracks emerged from the negative side of life, the shit happing everyday in the neighborhood or on a big scale, such as the catastrophe in fukushima. asking the master mind behind [basementgrrr] about the new approach to his album, the answer sums up the feeling to his new release: 'you know… it is all about the darkness, the dirt and anger that sometimes bring you down in life. it has been like a catharsis making the album!'


1 壊された後
2 dead planet
3 polyarnyy
4 baltic sea
5 my darkest part
6 delsjön mord
7 solveig died by accident
8 the great downfall
9 how can i ever live without you ?
10 black sand