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blac kolor
wide noise. cd

basic unit productions. bup012

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you recognize this moment when this raw energy hit you right in the chest like a forgotten feeling you used to know when you were younger. when something reverberates so deep and massive you can't ignore it. you can't shape it or tweak it or deny it. it will just overrun you like a faceless virus. a rhythm without colour. may we introduce you to blac kolor? 'wide noise' is the immense debut of a long time dj and promoter now working as a first class web designer. coming a long way from the wild wild eastern electronic body music scene in germany he continuously pushed the boundaries in open minded ways most party goers in this area seemed not prepared for. his techno influenced dj sets persuaded every hesitant crowd for three years in a row at the world famous wave & gothic meet-up in leipzig. consequently he figured there is some space to be filled with a new musical narrative: banging rhythms for a dark world of windowless basements. first blac kolor started out with his friends daniel myer & dejan samardzic, known as haujobb and his mate square7 to introduce a cold techno induced night called frost. they rinsed the merciless b-sides of their favorite producers to a mesmerizing video installation by robben bollocks. guests of their choice were: paul kendall (mute), cute heels (black leather rec), cevin key (skinny puppy). it was about time to take the matter in their own hands. so in january 2013 they released the first frost compilation at basic unit productions, soon followed by the range ep of blac kolor which featured a nightmarish and zombie-esque vision of techno. this ep got airplay by djs worldwide including tanith (tresor) and the successor single kold was aptly released in fall 2013. kold was a preview of what was expected to be his new sound: rough breaks, a marching snare and lots of uneasy vibes but nonetheless a groove at his black and rotten heart. now here is 'wide noise'. an album of its own. blac kolor is unleashing disturbing mid tempo breaks, knee shattering basslines, mindfucking sample usage and a twisted turn away from just techno - this is a coming of age. the 13 tracks underscore also a different thing about blac kolor: he is a wicked storyteller. every detail has its purpose, every sample has a meaning, every break is a part of a dynamic road spiraling down the windowless rabbit hole. say hello to the animalistic inhabitants of the raw and native world that is 'wide noise'. packaging: 8-panel digipak with 16-page folder/poster.


1 easy viktory
2 krook
3 god bless amerika
4 wide element
5 banging
6 we do
7 noise nektar
8 kold
9 evil freak
10 blac over your head
11 whore
12 hexen
13 breeding