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everyone is able to appreciate the feeling of being in water or even a cold grip of panic from a lungful of liquid, but it is also possible to drown in a never-ending 'ocean' of duties and responsibilities. working hard in vfx business and as a sound designer caused a feeling of mental near-drowning for jeff dodson which was his main reason for a creative release by doing a new defrag release. the theme behind the album 'drown' is following the emotional ride that drowning provides, symbolized by exciting, fast-paced structures, and patterning the release after it, resolving with a calm, peaceful transition. many of defrag's influences and taste in music like idm, dubstep and experimental abstract glitch filter into this release, in addition he let his classical background come in to give it a more cinematic progression. orchestrated strings, piano, classic analogue synths and software processing add up to a headstrong fusion of analogue warmth, modern classical seriousness and raw digital abstraction. instead of exceeding complexity jeff dodson chose this album's structure to be deliberate, intelligent and tight - a complete and awesome journey from start to finish, and a sign of artistic progress.


1 if you were a dream
2 nine
3 make them real
4 stilt walkers
5 stare
6 everything i do is drown
7 grin
8 entering the abyss
9 abyss I
10 abyss II
11 abyss III
12 drown