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'spindrift' is an album of its own kind, an unlikely combination of atmospheric industrial on a lighter note with carefully used organic sounds and acoustic instruments. some tracks have a strong cinematic appeal, like 'eternity ring' or the almost 18-minute-long 'riverine', while others are actual songs - 'herb of grace' is a beautiful piece of chamber music with ethereal female vocals, 'stairhead' is nothing less than full-blown psychedelia, 'sundance' sounds like an intoxicated private celebration and 'echium' resonates with the hangover from collective madness - which returns in 'shrivatsa', ten minutes of pure spiritual bliss, complete with tender percussion sounds and flute melodies. an album like a short scandinavian summer, to be savoured on the spot.


1 eternity ring
2 herb of grace
3 stairhead
4 riverine
5 sundance
6 echium
7 echium (guitar version)
8 shrivatsa