performances 1985 - 2013. lcpvon2013

von magnet
performances 1985 - 2013. 2 x dvd

von magnet. lcpvon2013

after 27 years of existence, the cult group von magnet is about to release its very first dvd. issued from the post-industrial 80’s underground scene, von magnet has been known for their eccentric 'electro-flamenco' style. they produced a dozen of cd’s and created challenging theatrical concert-performances. this exclusive deluxe digipack double dvd (artwork signed by artist servovalve and dvd authoring by marcelo valente) will present unpublished video archive material (live performances from 1987 to 2012) : el sexo sur-realista, computador, electrorisks, mezclador, nuevas cruzes, el planeta, de l'aimant, neither predator nor prey, polarized... + audio bonuses as well as unreleased remixes (def, norscq, 2kilos &more, mimetic, wild shores, sizzle, jhon blackfire...), memories and texts.


1 metaflor 8
2 el sexo-sur-realista
3 computador
4 electrorisk
5 bonus video
1 mezclador
2 el planeta
3 de l’aimant
4 comme un mur
5 polarized
6 bonus audio